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This lovely recollection has just been sent in. We thank you Marg

I was a neighbour of Paul Kidger in the 1950s and 60s in Ring Road and remember the family well – Lyn was in my class at N Lancing Primary School. I also remember the dog walking old lady who would bleat ‘ Kiltie, Kiltie ‘ which the dog ignored.

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I was given three medals by a distant relative who I had traced through my family history research. He was the last in his line and had no immediate family to pass them on to. I asked him to tell me about them. It’s always a bonus to have a great story to go with your family momentos.

He had attended St Nicholas school on the Old Shoreham Road close to St Nicholas Church and in his day, children celebrated Empire Day on 24th May each year. Pupils were asked to write an essay on the ‘British Empire’ and the best boy and girl from each class won a medal. The first year in 1928 Fred won the ‘Silver’ colour medal, then the following year the ‘Bronze’. Determined to win ‘Gold’ in his last year he wrote an excellent essay. He won a gold, but owing to a shortage he let the girls have it and accepted another silver. 

A gentleman through and through.

WW2 Remains

I have included a separate area for a project I would like to start. Recording local remains and artifacts of WW2 . See the tab at the top of the page.

This was inspired by my discovery of the old Steyning Rifle Range Butts and being told of an old air-raid shelter that stands at the back of the old Regal cinema. These are already part of our history and the stories that go with them must not be lost.

Please use this site to add any information you can to help build this record.

This is being held at Worthing Pavilion Theatre on Sunday 19th April.
Admission is £2, accompanied children are free.

From my own experience , I have found these events well worth a look. You will be able to look at and buy a range of products and pick the brains of the stall holders with your queries. My query, was how was the best way to store old photographs and documents. Several options were on offer.
A variety of software programs are available for you to look at too. The Guild of One Name Studies can be very useful, who knows, someone out their may have already found your lineage for you!

Lancing had its own port operating in the 14th and 15th centuries. If you would like to know more, please go to the tab at the top of this page titled PEOPLE & PLACES SERIES.

If anyone can add information on the subjects I am covering, please contact me and I can update the sheets.

New resource

I intend to create a collection of sheets on various subjects called the PEOPLE & PLACES SERIES. They are in A4 pdf format for printing purposes. I can update them very easily and therefore can add information and anecdotes as I have them, so please contact me if you would like to add to any subject.

The first is on Chesham House, South Street, Lancing.