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I suspected a distant relative was illegitimate and today I found her in the parish records. Her baptism recorded 1837. Ruth; with the simple statement  ‘Illegit’ written in neat hand writing by the Rector in his register. I thank him.

I now have her mothers first name too.

Family gossip suggests Ruth was the daughter of a ‘Gentleman of the house’. So my next task is to see if I can trace staff records for the various estates in the area I am researching. A trip to West Sussex Record Office may help.


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I was given three medals by a distant relative who I had traced through my family history research. He was the last in his line and had no immediate family to pass them on to. I asked him to tell me about them. It’s always a bonus to have a great story to go with your family momentos.

He had attended St Nicholas school on the Old Shoreham Road close to St Nicholas Church and in his day, children celebrated Empire Day on 24th May each year. Pupils were asked to write an essay on the ‘British Empire’ and the best boy and girl from each class won a medal. The first year in 1928 Fred won the ‘Silver’ colour medal, then the following year the ‘Bronze’. Determined to win ‘Gold’ in his last year he wrote an excellent essay. He won a gold, but owing to a shortage he let the girls have it and accepted another silver. 

A gentleman through and through.

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This is being held at Worthing Pavilion Theatre on Sunday 19th April.
Admission is £2, accompanied children are free.

From my own experience , I have found these events well worth a look. You will be able to look at and buy a range of products and pick the brains of the stall holders with your queries. My query, was how was the best way to store old photographs and documents. Several options were on offer.
A variety of software programs are available for you to look at too. The Guild of One Name Studies can be very useful, who knows, someone out their may have already found your lineage for you!

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I read an article recently about the death of WWI veteran William ‘Bill’ Stone who passed away Saturday 10 January 2009. Aged 108, he was one of the last remaining WWI veterans and he was the last British serviceman to have seen active duty in both world wars.

Within the news report was a reference to a website specifically for HMS Hood; so I took a look. I had an uncle who served on the ship and had some old postcards I had inherited from him.

There are no complete crew list records available and the association are calling on the public for help in compiling one.

I have sent them what details I can of my uncle and await their reply.



I received a very helpful message back giving me details on how to trace Naval personnel records; not just for the Hood but any ship.


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